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How to use the Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 4-channel DJ controller (Instruction Manual)

How to start using the DDJ-1000

Find out how to set up the 4-channel DJ controller, install rekordbox dj and activate the included license key, and learn what to do if rekordbox is not connecting.

What the buttons, sliders, and knobs do

Understand the DDJ-1000’s decks, On Jog Display, mixer, and browser section. Discover what you can use its buttons, knobs, sliders, and input/output terminals for.

How to connect the DDJ-1000 to external hardware

Connect the DDJ-1000 to external equipment, such as turntables (with rekordbox DVS), CDJs, a microphone, headphones, amps, and speakers. Load tracks and start DJing.

How to use the DDJ-1000’s advanced features

How to create 4 beat loops and change loop playback, use Hot Cues, Pad FX, Beat Jump, Key Shift, Slip mode, , faders, , Beat FX, Sound Color FX, Mic FX, and more.

How to change the DDJ-1000’s settings

Find tips on using rekordbox to change the jog brightness, On Jog Display, and microphone settings. Launch Utilities and set MIDI controller settings.

How to troubleshoot the DDJ-1000 and use it with other DJ software

Explore compatible MIDI messages. Install drivers for Mac and Windows. Find out how to fix technical issues and use the DDJ-1000 with VirtualDJ, Traktor, and more.

Note: the DDJ-1000 isn’t compatible with Serato, but the DDJ-1000SRT is.

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