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Getting Started

I am unable to log in to my Beatport/Beatsource account via rekordbox ver. 6.

If you are not able to log in to Beatport or Beatsource and see the error message as follows:

"Network Error Fix your Internet connection environment then try again", please follow the steps below:

  • Please install the latest version of rekordbox ver. 6.6.5, available here.
  • Then check if you are now able to log in to Beatport or Beatsource.

If you are not successful at logging in to your Beatport/Beatsource account, please install an earlier version of rekordbox ver. 6.6.1, and see if you can log in to Beatport/Beatsource from version 6.6.1.


If you are still not able to log in to Beatport or Beatsource, please contact us from the form here


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