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Library Sync

My library doesn’t sync between computers and mobile devices.

Check if any of the following applies:
- Devices are logged into different AlphaTheta accounts.
Use the same AlphaTheta account on all your devices.
You can check which AlphaTheta account you're using on each device as follows:
rekordbox for Mac/Windows: MY PAGE
rekordbox for iOS: [Settings] > [Account Information]
- Cloud Library Sync is turned off.
rekordbox for Mac/Windows: On MY PAGE, open the [LIBRARY SYNC] tab and turn on [Sync library to another device].
rekordbox for iOS: Open [Settings] > [Account Information] and turn on [Cloud Library Sync].
- You're using LINK EXPORT mode.
Libraries can't be synced when you're using LINK EXPORT mode.
When you finish using LINK EXPORT mode, the library will resume syncing.
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