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Library Sync

What is Cloud Library Sync?

You can use Cloud Library Sync to sync your library on the cloud with the libraries on your computers and mobile devices.
Upload tracks and videos to the cloud, then you can play them on other devices as well.
For example, you can seamlessly use the same library on the computer you use for music production and the laptop you use for DJing. You can also prepare tracks for DJing using a mobile device when you're on the move.
Here are the differences depending on the plan you chose to use.
  • Free or Core plan
    You can upload and sync up to 10 tracks that can be added to the [Trial playlist - Cloud Library Sync], which is a playlist for sync.

    Please note: The entire library will not be synchronized.

  • Creative plan
    The entire library will be synchronized.

    You can select individual playlists and tracks to then upload them to the cloud.

    This will depend on the Dropbox plan you're using for storage capacity when uploading files.

  • Professional plan
    The entire library will be synchronized.

    You can either select individual playlists and tracks to upload to the cloud, or automatically upload all your files.

    You can upgrade your Dropbox account to have unlimited storage capacity, so you can upload files without having to worry about the capacity.
To find out more information, watch the Cloud Library Sync tutorial video, click here.
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