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How can I use [Auto Relocate] and [Relocate] to find missing files?

If you've changed the location where you saved a track, the message [File is Missing] is displayed, and you may not be able to play or export the track. (The status column is marked with [!].)
In this case, you can [Auto Relocate] or [Relocate] the track.
[Auto Relocate] searches and relocates files in the folder specified by you in the [Preferences] > [Advanced] > [Database] > [Auto Relocate Search Folders].
[Relocate] enables you to manually specify the location of the file and relocate it.
Follow the instructions in either of the following two ways:
From the application menu
Select [File] > [Display All Missing Files] in the application menu.
In the [Missing File Manager] window, click either the [Auto Relocate] or [Relocate] button.
From the context menu
After selecting the track with [!], right-click to show the context menu and select [Auto Relocate] or [Relocate].
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