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Subscriptions and Hardware Unlock devices

Do I need to subscribe to a paid plan for rekordbox with my DJ unit? (DDJ-400, etc)

We apologize for the confusion with the activation of your DJ unit on rekordbox ver. 6 software.

If your DJ unit comes bundled with a rekordbox license key, you'll be able to use it as a Hardware Unlock device on version 6 of rekordbox. You can simply connect it to your computer and control Performance mode, even while using the Free plan, so without subscribing to any paid plan.

Hardware Unlock devices are our DJ units that are bundled with a rekordbox (ver. 5) license key. You'll be able to unlock the DVS/Video/RMX Effects, Lyric features if you have the corresponding bundled license key type.

You can find additional information on our FAQ article below:

What are Hardware Unlock devices ?


Please be advised that newly manufactured Pioneer DJ hardware is no longer provided with a bundled rekordbox license key as these are now discontinued. 

Please find more information on the news article published back in December 2021.

Bundled rekordbox ver. 5 license key cards discontinued


To start using your Hardware Unlock device with rekordbox ver. 6 software, follow the steps as shown below:

    • Download and install rekordbox ver. 6 software;
    • Launch your rekordbox ver. 6 program;
    • Log in to your rekordbox account (making sure your credentials match your online AlphaTheta account login details as you used to download rekordbox ver. 6);
    • At the top-right corner of your screen, click MY PAGE, and select the PLAN tab. Your profile avatar and email should display.

And that's it! You can then proceed to connect your DJ unit and you are ready to play and enjoy! 🎧

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