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In what cases is my warranty not applicable?

This warranty is not applicable in cases other than defects in materials or workmanship occurring during the warranty period and, in particular, does not cover:

- periodic check-ups, adjustments, maintenance, or conversions as well as replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear like for cosmetic parts;

- damage caused by accidents, negligence, modifications, use of non-genuine Pioneer DJ parts, improper use, installation, or packing;

- damage caused by lightning, liquids, fire, acts of war, public disturbances, incorrect mains voltages, incorrect ventilation, or any other cause beyond the control of AlphaTheta EMEA Limited;

- products like speakers that have been subjected to power in excess of that for which they were designed;

- Equipment that was purchased outside Europe needs to be handled case by case ;

- Products with altered, deleted, missing, or illegible serial numbers; and non-compliance with any guideline of the Instruction Manual as well as any warning in the concerned Manual(s) or other relevant documentation;

- Products that have been either repaired or modified by third parties not authorized by AlphaTheta

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