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What to do if your product needs service?

You can make a claim via the "start a repair request" button, or reach out to our customer support service on the number: +44 (115) 824 2830. So that we can help you, you will need to provide us with certain information to determine the warranty validation about the product and how and when you purchased it including:

- the product model and serial number (varies by product category type, see below);

- Controllers, Turntables DJ Players: The serial number is found on the underside of the device.

- Mixers: The serial number is found on the left or right side of the device.

- Headphones: The serial number is found on the box or inside the earpad of your headphones.

- Speakers and Pro Audio: The serial number is found on the back of the device.

- A valid proof of purchase which must show the date of purchase, name of the company, tax number and product name (this can be the original invoice or a clear sales receipt). An order confirmation is not considered as valid proof of purchase. If any key information is missing or unreadable the warranty repair could be rejected.

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