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Firmware Update

[DJM-S11] Firmware Update Guide

DJM-S11 Mixer

A. How to check the current Firmware Version of DJM-S11

  1. Connect DJM-S11 to your computer using a USB cable.

  2. Launch the Settings Utility
    For Windows:
    [Start] menu > [All Programs] > [Pioneer] -> [DJM-S11] -> [DJM-S11 Settings Utility]
    For Mac OS:
    [Application] > [Pioneer] > [DJM-S11] > [DJM-S11 Settings Utility]

  3. Check the Firmware Version in the Settings Utility
    The firmware version is displayed in the [About] tab.
    If the version of the S11 is 1.02 or later, you can also check the firmware version on the S11's LCD screen.
    Tap the S11's UTILITY (gear icon) on the LCD screen. Version number is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen.

B. Download and unzip the update file

  1. Unzip the downloaded file.
    For Windows:
    Save the downloaded file [] to an arbitrary folder such as desk top and unzip it.

  2. . Check the unzipped file.
    For Windows:
    The [DJM-S11_Verxxx_Win] folder is generated when the file is unzipped.
    Please ensure the following files are included in the folder.

    1. [DJM-S11_UP.upd]
    2. [DJM-S11Updater.exe]
    3. pcupdate.dll

    For Mac OS:
    The [DJM-S11_Verxxx_Mac] folder is generated when the file is extracted.
    Please ensure the following file is included in the folder.
          1. []

    ✓ xxx is numerical characters of the new firmware version.
    ✓ Depending on your computer settings, the extension such as .exe or .app may not be displayed.

C. Preparation for updating DJM-S11

  1. Connect DJM-S11 and a computer.
    Connect DJM-S11 to your computer using a USB cable.
    (Connect the USB cable to (USB-A) port.)
  2. Activate the update mode.
    Press the power button while pressing the [BACK] button and the [PARAMETER1 LEFT] buttons on the left deck. After the power is on, keep pressing the [BACK] button and the [PARAMETER1 LEFT] button for about 3 seconds. Once the update mode is activated, the [PARAMETER1 LEFT] button and [SMOOTH ECHO] button flash.

D. Updating the firmware using a computer

  1. Updating procedures

    Before updating, close all the applications running on the computer. 

    <STEP1> Activate the update program.

    For Windows:
    Double click [DJM-S11Updater.exe] to activate the update file.

    For Mac OS:
    Double click [] to activate the update file.

    <STEP2> Select a language.
    Select the language you want to use and click on [OK].
    ・Please refer to “Tips: When [Your DJM-S11 is not connected] is shown during updating the firmware” in a later section if the same message is popped up after clicking “OK”.

    <STEP3> Check the firmware version before updating.
    After ensuring that the firmware version is x.xx, click on the [Start] button.
    Ensure that the power cable and the USB cable are securely connected to DJM-S11 during the update.
    Please make sure to use an AC adaptor to power your laptop during updating the firmware.

    The updating process starts.
    Please wait until the progress bar reaches to the right end.
    <STEP4> Complete the updating process.
    When the firmware update process is complete and the message below appears, click the [OK] button.
    When COMPLETE is displayed on the DJM-S11's LCD screen, the update is complete.
    <STEP5> Reboot DJM-S11.
    Turn off the power of DJM-S11 and then turn it on again.

E. Check the firmware version

Check the firmware version of DJM-S11 as described in [A. How to check the current Firmware Version of DJM-S11].

The firmware update is successfully completed when you find the version you wanted in the Settings Utility.


Tips: How to cope with abnormal termination:

If you fail to update and the following message appears, turn off the power of DJM-S11 and start from the beginning of the above Updating Procedures.

Tips: When [Your DJM-S11 is not recognized] is shown during updating the firmware

When the following message appears after selecting a language, check the following tips.

  •  Is the USB cable connected to a USB-A port?
    If it is not connected, connect the cable to a USB-A port and start the updating steps from the beginning again.

  • When the above message appears even if the cable is connected to a USB-A port, please follow the steps below.
    1) Uninstall the driver/setting utility software of DJM-S11

    How to uninstall the driver/setting utility software:
    For Windows users:
    Navigate to Start -> Control panel -> Programs. Then, select “Pioneer DJM -S11 Driver” and click “Uninstall”.
    For MacOS users:
    Double click the setting utility software and then double click [DJM-S11].

    Follow the instructions in your computer after this.
    The latest driver/setting utility software is available from the following link.

    2) Update the firmware again from the beginning.

    3) After completing the firmware update, install the driver/setting utility software again.
    Please see the Operating Instructions for how to install the driver/setting utility software.

    [Reference information]

    This updater has been verified to operate on the operating systems below:

    Windows: Windows 8.1/Windws 10
    MacOS : OS X 10.13 / 10.14 / 10.15

    Approximately 6 minutes is required for updating.
    The images shown in this Guide may not be the same as the current ones.

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