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[macOS Big Sur] Important notice for updating firmware

New security measures have been added in macOS Big Sur.
When updating firmware on macOS Big Sur, you must follow the installation as described below.
(DDJ-RZ is used as an example. Please check the Firmware Update Guide for your hardware as well.)

  1. Check the current firmware version of your hardware.
  2. Check the downloaded file on your computer.
  3. Prepare for the update
  4. Update the firmware from your computer.
  5. Troubleshooting guide


  1. Check the current firmware version of your hardware.
    You can check the firmware version of your hardware by connecting your hardware to your computer and starting the setting utility.
    You can also check the firmware version in Step 4.
    For details, see the Firmware Update Guide for your hardware.
  2. Check the downloaded file on your computer.
    Unzip the downloaded file.
    Save [****.zip] to a directory such as desktop and double click to mount it.
    The folder will be expanded to [****.dmg] or [****.app].
  3. Prepare for the update
    3.1 Connect the computer and the hardware using a USB cable.
    (Connect the USB cable to the [USB-A] terminal.)
    Note: Be sure to use an AC adapter to power your laptop.
    3.2 Start update mode on your hardware.
    See the Firmware Update Guide for your hardware to learn how to start update mode.

    (Example: DDJ-RZ)
  4. Update the firmware from your computer.
    Be sure to close all applications running on the computer before the update.

    4.1 Start the update program.
    Case 1. [****.dmg] Double click [****.dmg] to open a new window.
    Double-click the icon in the window.

    (Example: DDJ-RZ)
    Case 2. [****.app]
    Double click.

    4.2 Application confirmation dialog
    The below dialog appears when updating the firmware.
    Click [Open].
    4.3 Keystroke receiving dialog.
    Click [Open System Preferences].
    4.4 [System Preferences] > [Security & Privacy]

    (1) Select [Security & Privacy] > [Privacy].
    (2) Select [Input Monitoring] and check the model you want to update in the apps selection on the right. If it’s greyed out and you can’t check it, click the key icon in [Click the lock to prevent further changes.] to show the popup screen shown in (3).
    (3) After entering the user name and password, click [Unlock] and you’ll be able to check the model. *You can’t unlock if the username and password are incorrect.
    (4) When the model is checked, the below dialog appears. Click [Quit & Reopen].
    After checking that your model has been checked, close [Security & Privacy].
    (When the keystroke receiving dialog still on the screen, click [Open System Preferences] and close it.)

    4.5 Select a language
    ・Select the language you want to use and click [OK].
    If the below message appears,
    [Your **** is not connected]
    [Your **** is not recognized]
    refer to “Troubleshooting Guide” later in this document.

    4.6 Check the version
    Check the update version.
    To update the firmware to the version, click [Start].
    If there is no need to update, click [Close].
    4.7 Update proceeds.
    Wait until the progress bar reaches to the right end.
    Do not disconnect the power cable and the USB cable during the update.
    If you do it, the unit may break.
    4.8 End of Update process.
    When the below message appears, click [OK].
    4.9 Reboot the unit.
    Turn off the power of the unit and then turn it on again.

  5. Check the firmware version.
    Check the firmware version as in Step 1.
    When the firmware version is the version you want to update, the update is complete.

  6. Troubleshooting guide
    6.1 If the update did not start
    Check the following.
    ・Check that your computer and the hardware are connected using a USB cable.
    (Connect the USB cable to the [USB-A] terminal.)

    If not, connect again and redo the update process.
    • When the problem still exists even if the cable is properly connected, please check the instructions on the Firmware Update Guide for your hardware.

    6.2 If an error occurs during the update.
    If the following error message appears during the update, turn off the unit and redo the update process.

    If the USB cable comes loose in the middle of the process or the unit turns off, redo the update process.

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