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Firmware Update

CDJ-350 Firmware Update Guide

Checking the Version

Turn on t he p ower. Set the power switch to the on position.

The UTILITY screen appears. Press the [DISPLAY(UTILITY)] button for at least 1 second to display the UTILITY screen.

Check the version. Scroll the screen using the rotary selector. "VERSION No." is displayed at the very right.

Quit the version display mode. Press the [DISPLAY(UTILITY)] button to close the UTILITY screen.


Extract the compressed file on the computer.
With the mouse, right-click on the "" compressed file you have downloaded from the Pioneer website and select "Properties" and check that the number of bytes is correct. (x,xxx,xxx bytes)

With the mouse, right-click on the "" and select "Extract All". When you specify where to extract the file, the update file below is extracted in a folder named "CDJ-350vxxx".


Copy the extracted update file into the root directory of the USB memory device.

Use a USB memory device (USB mass storage class device) formatted in FAT or FAT32 and with at least 4 Mbytes of free space.

- DO NOT change the file name.
- The HFS+ format is not supported.

Set the update mode.
Eject the disc from the disc insertion slot and turn the power off. Disconnect the USB memory device and computer connected to the CDJ-350.
Next, turn on the power while simultaneously pressing the [USB] and [RELOOP/EXIT] buttons.
(Keep pressing until the "POWER ON" indicator on the main unit display turns off.)

When the message below appears, release the button.

Insert the USB memory device into the USB port.
Use the USB memory device onto which the update file was copied in advance.

Updating starts automatically.
The USB button's LED flashes and the progress is indicated on a progress bar. At the same time, the current version number and the version number after rewriting are displayed.

Do not disconnect the USB memory device or turn off the power during updating.

The "COMPLETE" message appears after approximately 70sec.

This completes the updating procedure.

Turn the power off and disconnect the USB memory device.
When the power switch is pressed for over 5 seconds, the power turns off.

Check that the firmware has been updated to the latest version.
Refer to "Checking the Version" to check that the firmware is the latest version.

* If updating does not start or if "Updating has failed" is displayed when updating is completed:
The file you have downloaded may be corrupt.
Start over from downloading the firmware update file. If updating is still not possible, the problem
may be with the USB memory device. Try using a different USB memory device.

* If the progress bar does not progress during updating, if the “COMPLETE” message does not
appear after 5 minutes, or if a message such as “ERROR" appears:
Contact a Customer Support Center.

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