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Firmware Update

CDJ-3000 Firmware Update Guide

About the Firmware Update Procedure

Please download the firmware update from the AlphaTheta Support website and use a USB memory.

  • To create a USB memory for the update :

A USB memory device must be formatted in FAT or FAT32 (a device that belongs to the USB mass storage class).


How to check if your CDJ-3000 requires the firmware update

  1. Turn on the power of CDJ-3000.
  2. Press [MENU / UTILITY] and hold for over 1 second. Then [UTILITY] screen is displayed.
  3. The firmware VERSION No. is displayed on the upper right of the screen.
  4. Press [MENU / UTILITY] to return to the menu screen.


Extract the Firmware File

Unzip the downloaded file"CDJ3000_v***.zip". The below file will appear.

CDJ3Kv***.UPD (*.***,*** bytes) Please refer to the latest information on the support website for asterisks.


Preparations for updating the firmware

Copy the extracted firmware files to the root directory of a USB memory device.

  • Do not change the name of the extracted files.
  • Ensure that only one update file is saved in a USB flash drive when you update the firmware.
  • Use a USB device that is formatted in FAT or FAT32 (mass storage class).


Program Update Procedures

cdj-3000 firmware update guide.png

1. Please set your CDJ player in the status below:

  • Power off.
  • No device connected (USB memory, SD Card, LINK, or Computer).


2. Turn on the power on your CDJ Player by pressing the both "IN/CUE" and "RELOOP/EXIT" buttons.


3. A message [Connect the USB storage device to the USB port] appears on the display. Then release both buttons.


4. Insert the USB memory device containing the firmware files into the USB port.

  • The update process will begin and a progress bar will be displayed on the screen.
  • Do not turn the power off during the update.
  • The update will be completed in approx. 1 minutes.
  • The following message appears when the update is completed:

[Firmware update is completed. Turn the power off before using]


5. Turn the power off and remove the USB memory device after the update has been completed.

If the progress indicator does not progress during updating and the update completed message does not appear after 10 minutes, or if the message [MAIN firmware update failed] or [PANEL firmware update failed] appears, contact our customer support center.

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