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How to use TRAKTOR Pro 3 effects with DJM-V10

How to use TRAKTOR Pro 3 effects with DJM-V10

  • Please note that the software screens and its specifications, as well as the external appearance and specifications of the hardware, were still under development at the time this manual was created and may differ from the final specifications.
  • Please note that the language on the screens of the software described in this manual may differ from the language on your screen.
  1. Connect PC/Mac to USB A or B

  2. TRAKTOR PRO 3 : Audio Device setting

  3. DJM-V10 : Input select switch
    Select [USB A] or [USB B] for FX input.

  4. PC/Mac : Audio Utility setting
    MIXER OUTPUT setting

  5. TRAKTOR PRO 3 : Input Routing setting
    Input FX Send(Ext) setting
    Select the same as USB number in MIXER OUTPUT setting.

  6. TRAKTOR PRO 3 : Output Routing setting
    Mixing Mode : External
    Output FX Return setting
    Mixer CH1 : DJM-V10 OUT 1/2
    Mixer CH2 : DJM-V10 OUT 3/4
    Mixer CH3 : DJM-V10 OUT 5/6
    Mixer CH4 : DJM-V10 OUT 7/8
    Mixer CH5 : DJM-V10 OUT 9/10
    Mixer CH6 : DJM-V10 OUT 11/12

  7. TRAKTOR PRO 3 : Effects setting
    Select [Send].

  8. TRAKTOR PRO 3 : FX setting
    FX : ON
    D/W : MAX

  9. DJM-V10 : SEND setting
    [EXT 1] or [EXT 2] : ON
    Turn [SEND]knob.

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