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Serato Pitch'N Time - Activation Manual

Before Start

・ You need to activate Pitch 'n Time DJ before using this feature on Serato DJ.
Internet access is required to activate Pitch 'n Time DJ.
(Use of the Internet requires a separate contract with a provider offering
Internet services and payment of provider fees.)

・ Please note that the specifications of Serato DJ as well as Pitch 'n Time DJ
are subject to change without notice.

* Please see the Serato website below for details of support information of
   Pitch 'n Time DJ.

Activating Pitch 'n Time DJ

If you separately purchased a Serato DJ EXPANSION PACK for Pitch 'n Time DJ,
please skip "Preparation" below and move on to
"Launching Serato DJ to display my serato window"


When you have a Serato DJ EXPANSION PACK VOUCHER included in the box of your unit,
you can find a voucher code which is needed to activate Pitch 'n Time DJ.


Launching Serato DJ to display my serato window

1) Connect the unit and a computer using a USB cable.
    Turn on the power of the unit.
・ Please see the manual of the unit to learn how to turn the power on.

2) Launch Serato DJ.

3) Click [MY SERATO] on the right bottom of the screen.


Entering your account info you have created in

1) When the following window appears, enter your email address you used
    when you created your account in and click [CONTINUE].


2) When the following window appears, enter your password you used
when you created your account in and click [LOGIN].



Entering the Pitch 'n Time DJ voucher code

1) Click [ENTER VOUCHER CODE] on the upper right of the [my serato] window.


2) Enter your voucher code.


3) Click [ACTIVATE] after entering your voucher code.

Checking the activated Pitch 'n Time DJ on SETUP

1) Click [SETUP] on the upper right of the main screen of Serato DJ to show the SETUP screen. 

2) Click the [Expansion Packs] tab and select [Pitch 'n Time DJ].


If [Pitch 'n Time DJ] is not displayed, click the [MY PRODUCTS] tab from the [my serato]
window to see if [Pitch 'n Time DJ] is properly activated.
When the following window is shown, click [ACTIVATE] in the Pitch 'n Time DJ section.


3) Please check if the checkbox of [Enable Pitch 'n Time DJ] is ticked.
・ If it is not ticked, please tick the checkbox.


Rebooting Serato DJ

Close Serato DJ.
・ Press the [esc] key on the computer keyboard to show the following window.
Click [Yes].


Turn off the power of the unit and wait about a minute before turning on the power of the unit again. 


Launch Serato DJ.

* Ensure Serato DJ is rebooted after activating Pitch 'n Time DJ.
Unless it is rebooted, Serato DJ may not respond to some buttons
on the unit even if they are pressed.


About trademarks and registered trademarks

・ Pioneer DJ is a trademark of PIONEER CORPORATION, and is used under license.
・ Serato DJ is a registered trademark of Serato Audio Research Ltd.
・ The names of companies, product names and technology names mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners.

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All rights reserved.
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