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DJ Players

I want to connect multiple CDJ-3000 units with my PC/Mac to use them as audio interfaces. How do I prepare to do this?

The required preparation depends on your operating system. Follow the relevant steps below.


■ Windows
1. Close your DJ application and remove the CDJ-3000 units.
2. Download [AUDIO DRIVER FOR WINDOWS] [here].
3. Install the driver software.


■ Mac
1. Download [CDJ/XDJ Aggregator] [here](*).
2. Connect all your CDJ-3000 units to your Mac.
3. Launch [CDJ/XDJ Aggregator].
4. Check that all the connected CDJ-3000 units are displayed, then click [OK].

*The Instruction manual for [CDJ/XDJ Aggregator] is also available from this page.

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