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Error Messages

An error message or code appears on the main display of the CDJ-3000.

Check the error code below and take the described measures.

■ E-8302 (Error type: CANNOT PLAY TRACK)

Description of error:

Track data (files) on the storage device can’t be read correctly.

Cause and action:

The track data (file) may be corrupted.

-> Check if the track can be played with another player that supports the same formats as the CDJ-3000. If possible, re-import the music file to the location you're playing it from, e.g. a USB Storage Device.

■E-8304, E-8305 (Error type: UNSUPPORTED FILE FORMAT)

Description of error:

Music files that can’t be played with the unit are loaded.

Cause and action:

The format isn’t supported by the CDJ-3000.

-> Load music files in one of the supported formats. For details, see [Product overview] in the Instruction Manual.


Recording and saving of cue points are disabled due to lack of free space on the USB Storage Device.

*When the memory runs out, recording stops automatically and saves the recording until just before space ran out.

You can read the Instruction Manual [here].

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