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No Output

The sound from rekordbox doesn't come out, or audio comes out of only one of the decks.

First, check the settings by following the steps below.
1. Click the Preferences icon in the upper-right corner of the rekordbox screen.
2. Click [Audio] in the upper right tab.
3. Check if the [Audio] field is selected as shown below.
For Windows: [Pioneer CDJXDJ ASIO]
For Mac: [Pioneer CDJ/XDJ]

4. Check if the [Output Channel] field is selected as shown below.
Output Deck1: [CDJ/XDJ(1)]
Output Deck2: [CDJ/XDJ(2)]

*If the rekordbox deck you want to be played and the CDJ you want to be output do not match and the CDJs are reversed, try reversing the Output Deck settings (1) and (2), etc.

If you can’t follow the procedure above, try the following.

■ Windows
1. Close rekordbox and disconnect all the CDJ-3000 units you're using from your computer.
2. Open the control panel (or [Start] > [Settings] > [Apps]) and uninstall [Pioneer CDJXDJ Driver].
3. Close Windows.
4. Disconnect other USB Storage Devices, USB hubs, etc.
5. Start Windows.
6. Download the audio driver software [here].
7. Install the driver software again.
 *An error will occur when the license agreement screen is displayed if you try to proceed without clicking "I agree".
8. Connect all the CDJ-3000 units to another USB port without using a USB hub, etc.
9. Start rekordbox again and make the settings.

If you still experience the problem, it may be caused by operating system settings, etc.
Refer to cases 3 and 6 in the guide [here].

■ Mac
1. Close rekordbox and disconnect all the CDJ-3000 units you're using from your Mac.
2. Disconnect the hub and other USB Storage Devices and connect all the CDJ-3000 units directly to the Mac.
3. Select [PC] for the control mode on all the CDJ-3000 units.
4. Start the [CDJ/XDJ Aggregator].
5. Check that the connected CDJ-3000 units are displayed and click [OK].
6. Start rekordbox again and make the settings.

The [CDJ/XDJ Aggregator] and Instruction Manual are available [here].

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