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Output Settings

The audio from rekordbox doesn't match to the correct CDJs.

For example, the sound of Deck1 in rekordbox comes from the CDJ-3000 unit on the right, instead of the one on the left.

When multiple CDJ-3000 units are used as audio interfaces, there are cases where the CDJ installation status and the numbers such as [CDJ/XDJ(1)] don't match.

In a case like this, make settings while outputting audio and check the sound comes from the correct units.

For example, suppose the Deck1 sound comes from the CDJ-3000 unit on the right when the following settings are made while using two CDJ-3000 units.

Output Deck1: [CDJ/XDJ(1)]

Output Deck2: [CDJ/XDJ(2)]

In this case, reverse the settings as shown below.

Output Deck1: [CDJ/XDJ(2)]

Output Deck2: [CDJ/XDJ(1)]

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