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I can't control rekordbox.

The CDJ-3000 might not be not properly connected, or rekordbox or your operating system might not be able to recognize the unit as a controller.

■ CDJ-3000

Connect in the following sequence.

  1. Connect the CDJ-3000 to your PC/Mac using a USB cable.
  2. Press the [SOURCE] button, then press the [CONTROL MODE] button.
  3. Start your DJ application.

If this does not improve the connection, try the following.

■ Operating System

Mac users, follow the procedures described in the guide [here].

Windows users, follow the steps in Case 5 in the section of this guide [here].

■ Others

You may solve the issue by doing the following.

- Disconnect any USB hubs and connect the unit directly to your PC/Mac.

- Disconnect any other USB Storage Devices.

- Quit all other applications.

- Connect to a different USB port.

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