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No Output

Sound played on the computer is not output from this unit.

  1. To output the sound from the computer to this unit, the dedicated driver software must be installed on the computer beforehand. For details, see "Installing the driver software" in the operating instructions.
  2. This unit and the computer must be connected properly. For details, see "Connecting this unit and computer" in the operating instructions.

If the computer can still not be connected properly, quit the DJ application, disconnect the USB cable, then reconnect the USB cable and relaunch the DJ software.

  1. The audio data to be output to the computer must be set using the Settings Utility. For details, see "About the setting utility software" in the operating instructions.
  2. This unit must be selected in the DJ software's audio output device settings. For detailed instructions on setting, see your DJ software's operating instructions.
  3. The position of the selector switch of this unit must be set to the proper position. Set the selector switch to the [USB A] or [USB B] position.

This unit and the dedicated driver software only support Hi-Speed USB. Check that your computer, the USB port and the USB cable support Hi-Speed USB.

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