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No Output

No sound is output from the headphones or master output, or the sound is low.

There are various possible causes. Check the following.

(1) Are the connection cables connected properly? Connect the connection cables properly. For details, see “Connections” in the Operating Instructions.

(2) Are terminals or plugs dirty? Wipe any dirt off terminals and plugs before making connections.

(3) Are the connected powered speakers, etc., set properly?

Set the external input selector and volume of the powered speakers, etc. properly.

(4) Is the driver software set properly? Set the driver properly. For details, refer to “Launching rekordbox” in the Operating Instructions.

(5) Check the procedure to output audio.

[Outputting audio]


The following describes the procedure for outputting the channel 1 sound as an example.

 Output audio from the [MASTER] output terminals.

 Set the volume of the devices connected to the [MASTER 1] output terminal and [MASTER 2] output terminal (power amplifier, powered speakers, etc.) to an appropriate level. Note that the output sound may be loud if the volume is set too high.

 1. Set the positions of the controls, etc., as shown below.

 [MASTER LEVEL]: Turned fully counterclockwise

 [TRIM]: Turned fully counterclockwise

 [EQ (HI/MID/LOW)]: Center

 [COLOR]: Center

 [Channel fader]: Moved towards you

 2. Play the track.

 3. Move the channel fader backward.

 4. Turn the [TRIM] control.

  Adjust [TRIM] so that the orange indicator on the channel level indicator lights at the peak level.

 5. Turn the [MASTER LEVEL] control to adjust the speaker audio level.

 Output audio from the headphones.

 1. Set the positions of the controls as shown below.


 [HEADPHONES LEVEL]: Turned fully counterclockwise

 2. Press the headphones [CUE] button of channel 1.

 3. Turn the [HEADPHONE LEVEL] control.

  Adjust the sound level output from the headphones to an appropriate level.


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