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Output Issues

Even though the unit is connected to my computer, only the stereo 1 channel can be used.

  1. Before using this unit, you must install the dedicated driver software. For details, see "Installing the driver software" in the operating instructions.
  2. The unit and computer must be connected properly. For details, see "Connecting the unit to the computer" in the operating instructions. If it is still not connected properly, quit the DJ application, disconnect and reconnect the USB cable, and then start the DJ software again.
  3. If you have connected the unit and the computer (Windows) using a USB cable before installing the driver software, such symptoms may appear. This problem can be solved by using the following procedure to reinstall the driver software:

 1. Connect this unit and the computer using the USB cable.

 2. Select [Device Manager] > [Sound Device], and delete "PIONEER DDJ-1000".

 3. Disconnect the USB cable that connects the computer and the unit.

 4. Install the driver software.

 *The unit's dedicated driver software is only compatible with Hi-Speed USB.

  Check that your computer, USB port and USB cable support Hi-Speed USB.

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