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Output Issues

Audio distortion, glitches, clicks, dropouts or noise.

Check the following.

  1. Does your computer meet the system requirements of the DJ software?

Check [System Requirements] on the rekordbox website.

  1. Are the volume adjustment knobs and sliders set appropriately?

Check “Playing tracks and outputting the sound” in Operating Instructions of this unit. Operating Instructions can be obtained from the support page.

  1. Is the buffer size adjusted appropriately?

 The latency (the period from when this unit is operated until the sound is output) can be shortened by lowering the buffer size setting. If there are interruptions in the sound, increase the buffer size, but note that this makes the latency longer. Set the buffer size to the minimum value at which no interruptions in the sound occur.

For Mac users

The buffer size can be adjusted in [Preferences] of rekordbox.

For Windows users

Click [Preferences] > [Audio] of rekordbox and then click the [Settings Utility] button to display the ASIO settings utility screen. On this screen, you can set [Buffer Size].

Follow the procedure below to set the buffer size to the minimum value at which no interruptions in the sound occur.

Check whether or not interruptions in the sound occur with the default setting (buffer size: 256 samples).

  1. Is the master tempo function on?

  When the master tempo function is on, the sound quality changes because key control processing is performed to keep the key constant. This change in sound quality is in accordance with the specifications of the product and is not a failure.

  1. Are you using a USB hub?

  ⇒ A USB hub cannot be used. Be sure to connect this unit directly to a USB port on the computer.

  1. Are other applications running?

 Exit all other applications including the screen saver and resident software.

 (When exiting antivirus and other security software, before doing so, disable the Internet connection to ensure the security of your computer.)

  1. Is the USB cable connected properly?

  ⇒ Connect this unit and the computer directly using the included USB cable.

  1. Is your computer set to power saving mode?

  ⇒ Cancel the power saving mode of your computer.

  1. Does your computer have a wireless connection function or Bluetooth function?

  ⇒ Turn off the wireless connection function or Bluetooth function.

  1. Are USB devices other than this unit connected?

 Remove external hard disks and the keyboard (for some models), etc. to check the status with only the built-in hard disk.

  1. If your computer has more than one USB port, check using a different USB port.
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