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Output Issues

Sound skips when using the USB sound card (audio interface) function.

There are six possible causes.

  1. Sound skipping can be decreased by adjusting the buffer size.


When using ASIO driver, make the adjustment at the ASIO tab in the setting utility.

When using Direct Sound, make the adjustment from the DJ software.

Mac OS

Make the adjustment from the DJ software.

  1. When using a laptop computer, the computer's performance may be intentionally reduced through the power-saving functions. Use the computer not on the battery but with the AC adapter and cancel all power-saving settings. Also cancel the screensaver function.
  2. On Windows disable "Aero" setting if it's been active.
  3. The sound may also skip if the CPU usage rate is high. Other applications being used simultaneously (including resident programs) could also affect performance. Check the recommended usage environment for your application.
  4. Computer's internal devices or external devices connetced to may caouse sound skipping. In that case, disable all devices not in use.
  5. Some application running on the back ground may cause this problem. If so, shut the other application down.
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