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Jog Wheel functions

What is Jog Cutter? (rekordbox)

Turn on the [JOG CUTTER] button and you can move the jog wheel to create professional-sounding scratch effects (“scratch play”) with a section of a track.

To do this, follow the instructions below:

  1. Load a track and set a Hot Cue or a cue point.
  2. Press the [JOG CUTTER] button.
  • If Vinyl mode isn’t turned on, turn it on before you press the [JOG CUTTER] button.
  1. Hold the top of the jog wheel.

The playback position moves to the Hot Cue point or the cue point and “scratch play” starts.

  1. Move the jog wheel to start “scratch play”.

Different scratch effects are assigned to 6 areas of the jog wheel.(*)

The type of “scratch play” changes as you change the scratch area by checking the indicator (Jog LED) that appears when you touch the top of the jog wheel.

*Six sections are indicated on the top surface of the jog wheel to show you the boundaries of each area.

  1. Release your hand from the top of the jog wheel.

“Scratch play” stops and the track continues to play as normal from the Hot Cue/cue point.

  • “Scratch play” starts from the current playback position if [Jumps to the last played HOT CUE/CUE point.] isn’t selected in [Preferences] > [Controller] > [Deck] > [JOG CUTTER].
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