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Operation of rekordbox becomes unstable.

  1. Are you using software other than rekordbox at the same time?

Quit other applications to decrease the load on the computer.

If operation continues to be unstable, try disabling the wireless network or other wireless connections, antivirus software, the screen saver, the low power mode, etc.

  1. When other USB devices are connected to the computer.

Disconnect other USB devices from the computer.

When another USB audio device is connected to the computer at the same time, it may not operate or be recognized normally.

  1. Are you using a USB hub?

USB hubs cannot be used. Connect the computer and this unit directly using the included USB cable.

  1. There is a problem with the USB port to which this unit is connected.

If your computer has multiple USB ports, try connecting this unit to a different USB port.

  1. Is this unit connected to a notebook computer running on its battery?

Supply power to the notebook computer from an AC power supply.

(Depending on the notebook computer’s settings, the low power mode may be set when the computer is running on its battery, automatically reducing the performance of the computer itself.)

  1. The USB buffer size is too small.

Raise the USB buffer size.

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