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Audio Output Connections

What are the specifications of the SEND/RETURN terminals?

The SEND/RETURN terminal enables audio output from the channel selected by the effect channel switches in the BEAT FX section (1 - 4 channel, MIC, CROSS FADER A/B or MASTER) to an external device.

You can apply Beat FX and external FX at the same time thanks to the independent Send/Return section.

You can change the SEND/RETURN effect routing using the [SEND/RETURN] switch and [RETURN TYPE] switch.

Selectable effect routings are as follows:

-[SEND/RETURN] switch

You can change terminals for SEND/RETURN.

When you select [1/4" JACK], the audio signals input to/output from the [SEND/RETURN] terminal on the back of the unit, in the same way as the DJM-900NXS.

When you select [USB], the audio signals input to/output from the USB terminal at the upper right section of the operation panel. This enables digital SEND/RETURN to Inter-App Audio effector applications on an iOS device such as RMX-1000 for iPad without deteriorating sound quality.

-[RETURN TYPE] switch

You can change RETURN effect routing.

When you select [AUX], the sound with the effect returns to a different channel where [RETURN AUX] is selected at each channel input switch (1 - 4).

When you select [INSERT], the sound with the effect returns to the same position selected by the effect channel switch. You can completely switch the original sound to the sound with the SEND/RETURN effect.

Please refer here.

The positions of the selector switch are described as below. For details, see "Block Diagram" in the Operating Instructions.

1 - 4

Pre-faders for the respective channels (A pre-fader effect is applied before it is routed through mixer channel faders)


Post position after the MIC EQ and MIC volume are applied.


Post-crossfader A or B (post-fader effects allow the effect tail to be heard after the crossfader A or B is closed).

Master audio

Pre-position before the master volume is applied.

Please note: SEND/RETURN does not work on the following conditions:

-A Cable is not connected to the terminal selected by the [SEND/RETURN] switch.


-[RETURN/AUX] is not selected by any channel input switch when [AUX] is selected by the [RETURN TYPE] switch.

-Inappropriate audio signal loop is identified based on the selection of the effect channel switch, input switch of each channel, and CROSSFADER ASSIGN switch of each channel when [AUX] is selected at [RETURN TYPE] switch.

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