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Software information

DJM-V10 Serato DJ Pro


To ensure good performance & maximum compatibility, make sure your device is up to date with the latest firmware & drivers:


For all information about Serato DJ Pro, please visit

The DJM-V10 supports DVS control of the Serato DJ Pro software under the Pioneer DJ Certification Program.

Simply connect the DJM-V10 to your PC/Mac and you can instantly use Serato DJ Pro’s DVS feature to control digital audio files stored on your computer via turntables (with the Serato DJ Pro control vinyl) or via the jog wheels on multi players.

Buy or update to the latest version of Serato DJ Pro and the Serato DVS Expansion Pack to use the DVS feature with the DJM-V10.

You’ll also need to update your driver software for the DJM-V10 to the latest version if you haven’t already.


You can download Serato DJ Pro from
Serato DJ Pro Installation guide



Operating Instructions (Windows / Mac OS)
Connection Guide
These documents explain how to connect your equipment and set up the Serato DJ Pro software.

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