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Firmware Update

DDJ-1000SRT Firmware for Windows

This firmware is a system software program for your  DJ CONTROLLER.
Please update the latest firmware to enhance the product's performance.

Please read Firmware Update Guide to check the firmware version of your  DJ CONTROLLER  and how to update the firmware.


After updating the DDJ-1000SRT firmware to ver.1.05, Sampler Master Volume level of Serato DJ Pro does not sync with the SAMPLER VOL knob on the DDJ-1000SRT. If you find that the DDJ-1000SRT Sampler volume level is not appropriate, even when turning the SAMPLER VOL knob, please adjust the Sampler Master Volume level in Serato DJ Pro on your PC/Mac. For details, click here.

ver. 1.05 Update

  • Minor issues.


File Name:
File Size:1.49 MB (1,571,307 bytes)

The following file will be extracted.
DDJ-1000SRT_v105.exe 1.68MB (1,771,224 bytes)


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