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How to use the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 2-channel DJ controller (Instruction Manual)

How to install Serato DJ Lite and begin using the DDJ-SB3

Find step-by-step instructions on installing Serato DJ Lite software on a PC/Mac for use with your DDJ-SB3. This section also contains details on the compatibility requirements for use with various operating systems.

What the DDJ-SB3’s buttons, sliders, and knobs do

Discover the names and functions of the various parts on the DDJ-SB3’s browser, deck, mixer, and effect sections. Find out where the Tempo slider, dials, Hot Cues, FX Fade, Pad Scratch, loop, and Sync features are located.

How to connect the DDJ-SB3 to external hardware

Set up your DDJ-SB3 by connecting the input/output terminals to external equipment, such as a PC/Mac, speakers with a built-in amp, a microphone, or headphones.

Learn to start mixing with the DDJ-SB3

Find out how to connect the DDJ-SB3 to Serato DJ Lite, import tracks, and begin playing music. This section also shows you how to output sound through speakers, a mic, or headphones, and walks you through shutting down and resetting the system.

Tips for using the DDJ-SB3’s advanced features

Learn to apply effects to your tracks and use the 5 different pad modes. Learn to trigger Hot Cues, FX fade, the sampler, and trans functions, and scratch with the DDJ-SB3 using Pad Scratch.

How to change the settings on the DDJ-SB3

This section walks you through launching utilities and changing the settings. You can adjust the cut lag of the crossfader, disable demo mode, change the back-spin length, and fader start setting.

Troubleshoot the DDJ-SB3

What to do if you face technical problems, such as the BPM not displaying correctly, Serato DJ Lite not connecting to the controller, issues displaying iTunes tracks, or audio errors.

For details on compatible MIDI messages and information about using the DDJ-SB3 with rekordbox, Traktor, djay Pro, and more, click here. To download the latest drivers and firmware, click here.

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