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How to use your Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000SRT (Instruction Manual)

How to start using the DDJ-1000SRT controller for Serato DJ Pro

See what comes in the box and find out how to download and install Serato DJ Pro. Download driver software (audio driver) for PC/Mac and update the controller’s firmware to the latest version.

What you can do with the buttons, knobs, and faders on the DDJ-1000SRT

Discover the uses of all the features and connections on the DJ controller. Explore the browser, deck, and mixer sections, and take a look at the Color On Jog Display in the center of each jog wheel.

How to set up and start DJing with the DDJ-1000SRT

Find out how to hook up your external equipment such as turntables, headphones, and speakers. Connect your PC/Mac and start playing music stored in your Serato DJ Pro library.

How to use the professional features on the DDJ-1000SRT

Move onto more advanced techniques. Start setting loops and use the Performance Pads to trigger Hot Cues, Slicer, Beat Jump, and more. Get creative with Slip mode, Sound Color FX, and Beat FX.

How to change settings on the DDJ-1000SRT

Find out how to access the Utility settings on your PC/Mac. You can customize the performance of the displays, crossfader, mic modes, attenuator levels, etc.

How to troubleshoot and solve problems with the DDJ-1000SRT

Resolve issues with sound, faders, and more. Look up the DDJ-1000SRT’s specs including its dimensions, size, and weight. And find out how to use MIDI to control DJ software other than Serato DJ Pro.

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