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How to use your Pioneer DJ INTERFACE 2 (Instruction Manual)

Get to know the INTERFACE 2

Read about the key features of the audio interface for rekordbox, which enables DVS control of the application via any kind of DJ setup. And take a look at what comes in the box with the unit.

What the lights and connections are for on the INTERFACE 2

Find out what all the lights indicate on the DVS audio interface. Explore the front and rear panels to discover what kinds of equipment you can connect to the inputs and outputs.

How to connect the INTERFACE 2 to your other equipment

Follow the guide to find out how to incorporate the rekordbox audio interface as part of your DJ setup. 

How to start using rekordbox

Find out how to install rekordbox and start adding music to your library. Here, you can download the latest driver software to install on your PC/Mac.

How to change settings on the INTERFACE 2

Learn how to launch the Utility software on your PC/Mac. Follow the guides to change settings for the unit’s audio data output and to adjust buffer size if you’re using Windows ASIO.

How to use DVS control with the INTERFACE 2

Get to grips with enabling DVS control in rekordbox and find out about the different DVS modes you can choose from.

How to use other applications with the INTERFACE 2

Want to use the INTERFACE 2 with an application other than rekordbox? Find out how to download the latest driver software to install on your PC/Mac.

How to troubleshoot and fix problems with the INTERFACE 2

Having problems? Discover how to solve issues with power, weak or distorted sound, unrecognized connections, and indicators that aren’t lighting up.

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