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How to use your Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ (Instruction Manual)

How to get ready to use the XDJ-XZ professional all-in-one DJ system

Find out how to download and prepare the software you want to use (rekordbox or Serato DJ Pro), take a look at supported media and file types, and download the latest driver software for the XDJ-XZ.

How to connect the XDJ-XZ to your other equipment

Discover the kinds of gear you can connect to the terminals on the rear panel. Find out how to plug in and play music from USB drives, laptops, and even compatible smartphones.

What you can do with the controls on the XDJ-XZ

Explore the jog display, browser, USB device, and mixer/FX sections of the all-in-one DJ system and find out what you can use all the buttons, knobs, faders, and controls for.

How to start using the XDJ-XZ

Find out how to start playing tracks from your chosen source and output the sound. Learn how to use features such as Quantize and Auto Play and access the Utility screen to change various settings.

How to use DJ software with the XDJ-XZ

Find out how to access information on DJ software supported by the unit, including rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro. You’ll also find details on using MIDI messages to control other compatible software.

How to troubleshoot and fix problems with the XDJ-XZ

Having problems? Discover the meanings of error messages, find out about iPhone/iPod compatibility, and learn how to properly clean the unit’s touch screen.

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