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How to use your Pioneer DJ PLX-500 turntable (Instruction Manual)

What the PLX-500 DJ turntable can do

Get an overview of the deck’s high-quality analog sound, its high-torque direct drive system for mixing and scratching, and the USB output for easy digital recording. And see what comes in the box.

How to set up your PLX-500

Follow the guide to set up the deck. And find instructions on downloading rekordbox and using DVS to play digital files stored on your computer (RB-VS1-K control vinyl with timecode required).

What you can do with the controls on the PLX-500

Discover the uses for all the buttons and parts on the top panel. And take a look at the rear panel to find out what kinds of equipment you can plug into each of the connections.

How to adjust the tone arm on the PLX-500

Find out how to adjust the balance and height of the tone arm. Learn to tweak the amount of pressure on the stylus (needle) to suit the included cartridge and adjust the anti-skating feature.

How to connect the PLX-500 to your other equipment

See how to hook the turntable up to powered speakers, an amp or a DJ mixer. Find out how to link the deck to your computer via USB so you can convert your vinyl records to high-quality digital files.

How to start using the PLX-500

Get to grips with playing vinyl on the turntable and adjusting the pitch of tracks. Start recording digital files on your computer via USB and learn how to replace the cartridge or stylus (needle).

How to troubleshoot and fix problems with the PLX-500

Solve issues with power, weak or distorted/humming sound, stylus jumping, and more. If you’re an audiophile, find a list of the deck’s specs including information on the cartridge and stylus (needle).


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