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How to use your Pioneer DJ XPRS 15 (Instruction Manual)

Get to know the XPRS15 full-range active speaker

Read an overview of the 15-inch speaker’s key features, including its high-quality sound, wooden cabinet, Class-D amplifier, advanced protective features, various inputs/outputs, and 4 EQ modes.

What you can do with the controls and connections on the XPRS15

Discover the uses of all the switches and dials on the speaker. Take a look at the various terminals for hooking up the speaker to your DJ gear or other equipment.

How to set up the XPRS15

Find out how to install the XPRS15 with a speaker pole or via the rigging points. Discover the uses of the 4 EQ mode settings and check out examples of how the speaker can fit into an audio setup.

How to troubleshoot and view the specifications of the XPRS15

Learn how to solve issues with power, weak or distorted sound, and feedback. Look up detailed specs for the XPRS15, including its frequency response, maximum SPL, weight, dimensions, and more.

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