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How to use your Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10 headphones (Instruction Manual)

How to attach/detach the HDJ-X10 headphones cables

Find out how to properly attach and detach the included cables to/from the mini-XLR connection on the Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10 professional DJ headphones.

How to swivel and rotate the ear pieces on the HDJ-X10 headphones

See how you can adjust the position of the ear pieces and find the perfect fit for your preferred monitoring style, e.g. with the headphones on your head or around your neck.

How to fold the HDJ-X10 headphones into their carry case

Learn how to properly fold up your headphones and place them in the included case so they’re protected when you take them on the road.

Find out the specifications of the HDJ-X10 headphones

Look up specs for the HDJ-X10-K (black) and HDJ-X10-S (silver) headphones. See details of their frequency response, weight, sensitivity, and impedance. And find out about the included accessories.

How to use the HDJ-X10 headphones safely

Read important information to ensure you use your headphones in a safe way and avoid causing potential damage to your hearing.

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