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How to use your Pioneer DJ TORAIZ SP-16 sampler (Instruction Manual)

What the TORAIZ SP-16 can do

Take a look at the key features of the TORAIZ SP-16 professional sampler, including its step sequencer, Dave Smith analog filters, real-time processing, and 8GB memory. And see what comes in the box.

What you can do with the connections and controls on the TORAIZ SP-16

Find out how to connect the unit to the equipment in your DJ or production setup. Discover the use of every button, pad, and dial on the top panel and explore the 7-inch touch screen.

How projects are structured on the TORAIZ SP-16

Understand how tracks, scenes, patterns, and arrangements all fit into the structure of a project on the TORAIZ SP-16 professional sampler.

How to start using the TORAIZ SP-16

Get to grips with loading projects, switching patterns and scenes, and loading samples. Become a beatmaker as you drum on the machine’s pads and bring texture to your sounds with the analog filters.

How the screens are laid out on the TORAIZ SP-16

Take a look at a map of the unit’s various graphical user interface screens to understand how you can access each section.

How to make general adjustments and changes to settings on the TORAIZ SP-16

Find out how to create tracks, manage project files, and more. Here, you can download the latest version of the DJS-TSP Project Creator software and update the unit’s firmware to enable live sampling.

How to adjust track parameters on the TORAIZ SP-16

Discover how to set track attributes, edit browsing filters, record sounds, and save your work. Learn to set the playback method of the sample sound source and adjust various trigger sequences.

How to import sounds to the TORAIZ SP-16

Find out how to connect the unit to a computer or plug in a USB drive to import samples. See how to introduce audio from external devices such as synthesizers and DJ setups.

How to change settings on the TORAIZ SP-16

Learn how to access the Utility screen and configure various aspects of the unit including pad sensitivity, LCD brightness, and more. And set the sync path to your preferred option, e.g. USB MIDI.

How to troubleshoot and fix problems with the TORAIZ SP-16

Find out how to solve issues with power, weak or distorted sound, unrecognized USB devices, or files that won’t play. And find out how to clean the touch screen properly.

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