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How to use the Pioneer DJ TORAIZ SQUID Sequencer (Instruction manual)

What the TORAIZ SQUID multitrack sequencer can do

Get an overview of the SQUID’s features and find out how to disable the auto power off function. Download the latest version of the SQUID Manager software for PC/Mac and update the unit’s firmware.

What you can do with the controls on the TORAIZ SQUID

Explore the various sections on the control panel to find out the use for each button, pad, and dial. Take a look at all the terminals on the rear panel to see what kinds of equipment you can plug in.

How to connect the TORAIZ SQUID to your other equipment

Find out how to link the SQUID to the other equipment in your setup and use the cable hook to prevent accidental disconnection from the power outlet.

How data is structured on the TORAIZ SQUID

Understand how tracks and patterns fit into the structure of a project on the TORAIZ SQUID multitrack sequencer.

How to start using the TORAIZ SQUID

Get to grips with the basics of creating, loading, saving, and renaming projects. Start using the transport controls to play sequences, record your performances in real time, and set the BPM.

How to use the step edit section of the TORAIZ SQUID

Learn how to switch between the various modes of the SQUID so you can select and mute tracks, load and save patterns, and do much more. Use Scale mode to play the pads as if you’re playing a keyboard.

How to use the phrase arrangement section of the TORAIZ SQUID

Get to grips with Speed Modulation, Melodic Control, and Groove Control. Find out how to Create unique musical phrases using the Running Direction, Speed Control, and Rhythmic Control features.

How to use the undo and Time Warp features on the TORAIZ SQUID

Learn how to restore the unit to a previous state when you’ve made a change you don’t want to keep. Use Time Warp to audition the previous phrase and save it as a new sequence pattern if you like it.

How to change settings on the TORAIZ SQUID

Find out how to enter the Global menu and change settings for project, brightness, CV/Gate out, DIN sync, clock, MIDI in, MIDI out, and more.

How to connect the TORAIZ SQUID to your other equipment

Discover how to connect and sync the unit with an external MIDI device or a PC/Mac, as well as other equipment. And find out about the signal conversion function for timing clock rate and CV/GATE.

How to troubleshoot and fix problems with the TORAIZ SQUID

Solve issues with power, connections, settings, MIDI control, DAW communication, and more. Here, you can also look up a list of the SQUID’s specifications including its size and weight.

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