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How to use your Pioneer DJ DJS-1000 (Instruction Manual)

What the DJS-1000 can do

Check out the key features of the stand-alone DJ sampler, such as its step sequencer, Performance Pads, 7-inch touch screen, and Live Sampling. See what’s in the box and look up supported media types.

What you can do with the controls on the DJS-1000

Find out how to set up the sampler and connect it to your other equipment. Explore the top panel and find out what you can do with all the pads, buttons, dials, and controls.

How a project is structured on the DJS-1000

Understand how tracks, patterns, and scenes all fit into the structure of a project on the sampler.

How to start using the DJS-1000

Get to grips with the basics: from loading a project to loading samples into tracks and changing the length of patterns. Start playing with the Performance Pads and learn how to save your projects.

How to use the professional features on the DJS-1000

Ready to move onto more advanced features and techniques? Manage your project files, set the BPM, render audio, and get creative with Live Sampling. You can also add texture to your sounds with FX.

How to adjust track parameters on the DJS-1000

Follow detailed guides and learn how to use the Track menu to set track attributes, select a module, set bypass, select and load samples, and more.

How to change settings on the DJS-1000

Find out how to enter Utility mode and customize settings for various aspects of the unit including the touch strip, touch screen, auto standby function, and more.

How to edit MIDI settings on the DJS-1000

Learn how to set up the DJS-1000 to receive MIDI messages from external equipment connected to the sampler via DIN MIDI or USB MIDI.

How to troubleshoot and fix problems with the DJS-1000

Solve issues with power, weak or distorted sound, unrecognized USB devices, and files that won’t play. Here, you can download the latest software driver and update the firmware of the DJS-1000.

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