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How to use your Pioneer DJ RMX-500 (Instruction Manual)

How to set up your RMX-500 remix station

Find out how to connect the DJ effects unit to a power supply and link it to your setup, e.g. via send/return. Download the latest plug-in and driver software and update the unit’s firmware.

How to DJ with the RMX-500

Discover how to use all the features on the RMX-500. Learn to set the BPM, record Rhythm FX, and use Scene FX and Release FX. Customize parameters and find out how to use the RMX-500 plug-in.

How to troubleshoot and fix problems with the RMX-500

Having issues with your RMX-500? Find out how to solve problems with power, weak or distorted sound, BPM measurement, settings, or an unrecognized unit.


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