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How to use your Pioneer DJ RMX-1000 (Instruction Manual)

How to start using your RMX-1000 DJ effectors

Find out how to set up the RMX-1000 and connect the effects unit to a DJ mixer or other equipment. Get an overview of how to use some of the features including Scene FX, Release FX, and the X-Pad.

How to use the advanced features on the RMX-1000

Follow the instructions to adjust input/output levels and change BPM/Quantize settings. Then, learn how to use each section of the unit to control all of its professional FX features.

Get to know the types of DJ effects on the RMX-1000

Explore the effector and understand how the controls for each FX section will manipulate the sound of your music.

How to use the remixbox software with the RMX-1000

Follow the guide to install the dedicated remixbox software. Then, use it to customize the performance of the RMX-1000 by changing parameter values and types.

How to change settings on the RMX-1000

Discover how to adjust the unit’s MIDI settings. You can also download and install the latest driver and plug-in software and update the RMX-1000’s firmware.

Look up the RMX-1000 MIDI assignment map

Check out a list of MIDI messages output by the unit, which you may want to use to control other types of plug-ins, compatible software, or equipment.

How to troubleshoot and fix problems with the RMX-1000

Find out how to solve issues with power, weak or distorted sound, BPM measurement, unrecognized SD cards, and more. And look up a list of the unit’s specifications.

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