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How to use the Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX2 all-in-one dj system (Instruction manual)

What the XDJ-RX2 can do

Explore the features of the XDJ-RX2 all-in-one DJ system. Read about which music file formats and USB mass storage devices it does and doesn’t support. Prepare rekordbox and rekordbox dj. Find out how to install or update driver software.

How to connect the XDJ-RX2 to external equipment

Use the input/output terminals to create DJ setups featuring turntables (with rekordbox DVS), CDJs, microphones, headphones, amps, speakers, or a PC/Mac. Find out how to play rekordbox-prepared music via a USB memory device using PRO DJ LINK.

What the XDJ-RX2’s buttons, sliders, and knobs do

Explore the main screen, power, USB, deck, browse, and mixer/effect sections, as well as the various mixing functions and FX. Find out how to record mixes to a USB device.

How to start DJing with the XDJ-RX2

Learn how to connect and call settings from a USB storage device, use the quantize function, play music files, and output sound. You’ll also find information on changing the settings and adjusting your preferences.

How to use DJ software with the XDJ-RX2

Find out how to operate rekordbox, rekordbox dj, and other MIDI-compatible DJ software via a laptop with the XDJ-RX2. For details on compatible MIDI messages (for use with Traktor software, for instance), click here.

How to troubleshoot the XDJ-RX2 and fix errors

What to do if you face technical problems, including issues with sound, power supply, external devices, DJ software, or error messages. Discover the meanings of various icons and learn how to clean the touch display properly.

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