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How to use your Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 mixer (Instruction Manual)

Get to know the DJM-S3 and download updates

Explore the key features of the mixer that’s optimized for use with Serato DJ Pro. Install driver software and update the DJM-S3’s firmware to the latest version.

What you can do with the buttons, knobs, and faders on the DJM-S3

Understand the functions of all the controls on the mixer’s top panel. Take a look at the rear of the unit and learn which types of equipment can be plugged into the various terminals.

How to connect the DJM-S3 to your other equipment

Set up the DJM-S3 with turntables, multi players, and a laptop running Serato DJ Pro or other compatible DJ software. Hook up a microphone and a DJ controller, and connect an amp or powered speakers.

How to DJ with the DJM-S3

Get to grips with outputting sound, monitoring, and using Sound Color FX to add texture to the music. You’ll also find information about using MIDI to control DJ software other than Serato DJ Pro.

How to use the DJM-S3 with Serato DJ Pro

Take a look at the user interface of Serato DJ Pro and find out what you can use each section for. Then, start importing your tracks.

How to control Serato DJ Pro via DVS with the DJM-S3

Find out everything you need to know about setting up your gear and using DVS control. You can use analog turntables with control vinyl, or DJ players with control discs.

Changing settings on the DJM-S3

Discover how to set up the mixer the way you like. Launch the Utility settings on your PC/Mac and learn how to adjust preferences and reset the DJM-S3 to factory settings if you need to.

How to troubleshoot and fix problems with the DJM-S3

Having difficulties with the mixer? Find out how to resolve connection issues or problems with sound, FX, MIDI control, or other aspects of the unit’s performance.

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