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How to use your Pioneer DJ DJM-450 mixer (Instruction Manual)

What the DJM-450 can do

Get an overview of the key features of the 2-channel DJ mixer including its MAGVEL FADER, 3-band isolator, Beat FX, and Sound Color FX.

What you can do with the buttons, knobs, and faders on the DJM-450

Understand the functions of all the controls on the mixer’s top panel. Take a look at the rear of the unit to see which types of equipment can be plugged into the various terminals.

How to connect the DJM-450 to your other equipment

Find out how to set up the DJM-450 with CDJs and turntables. Connect your laptop via USB, plug your mobile device into the send/return USB port, and hook up headphones and an amp or powered speakers.

How to DJ with the DJM-450

Get to grips with outputting audio and adjusting sound. Then, move onto advanced features such as Beat FX. Here, you’ll also find information on using the DJM-450’s MIDI output to control DJ software.

How the FX sound on the DJM-450

Keen to get creative? Understand how each of the Sound Color FX and Beat FX will change the texture of your tracks. 

How to use the DJM-450 with rekordbox

Follow the guide to install rekordbox and start adding tracks to your music library. Download the latest driver software for PC/Mac and update the DJM-450’s firmware to the latest version.

How to set up DVS control with the DJM-450

Want to use turntables or DJ players to control the tracks in your rekordbox library? Follow the guide to start using the DVS function in the software (time-coded control vinyl/discs required).

How to control DJ software other than rekordbox with the DJM-450

Connect the DJM-450 to your laptop via USB and control compatible DJ software. Download the latest driver software for PC/Mac and update the DJM-450’s firmware to the latest version.

How to change settings on the DJM-450

Set the mixer up just the way you like. Find out how to display the Utility settings on your PC/Mac and follow the guide to restore the factory settings if you need to.

How to troubleshoot and fix problems with the DJM-450

Having difficulties with the mixer? Resolve issues with power, audio, MIDI control, FX, faders, and more. And find out what to do when external equipment is not connected to the DJM-450 properly.

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