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How to use your Pioneer DJ DJM-V10 mixer (Instruction Manual)

What comes with the DJM-V10

Find out what comes in the box with the DJM-V10 and discover how you can set up rekordbox to use it with the 6-channel DJ mixer.

How to set up the DJM-V10 in a PRO DJ LINK network

Discover how to connect the mixer to DJ players and your PC/Mac to take advantage of related features.

What you can do with the buttons and controls on the DJM-V10

Explore the control panel and discover the functions of each button, knob, slider, and the screen. On the rear panel, find out what kinds of equipment can be connected to the different terminals.

How to set up your PC/Mac for use with the DJM-V10

Follow step-by-step guides to download and install the latest software drivers for PC/Mac. You’ll find information on firmware updates and the Settings Utility here, too.

Connecting the DJM-V10 to your other equipment 

See how you can hook up your turntables, multi players, FX units, mobile devices, and laptops to the DJM-V10. Find out how to connect gear to the MULTI I/O terminals and set up a PRO DJ LINK network.

How to output and adjust audio from the DJM-V10

Get to grips with selecting sound sources. Output audio and balance it, tweak EQs, fade between channels, and adjust the curve of the crossfader and channel faders on the mixer.

How to use the master isolator on the DJM-V10

Find out how you can use the master isolator to tweak audio at the final stage and adjust the character of the master sound coming out of the mixer.

How to monitor sound from the DJM-V10

Plug in one or two pairs of headphones and monitor sound independently. Adjust the level and mix settings, and more. Use the booth section to tweak the sound from connected monitor speakers.

How to use a microphone with the DJM-V10 

Connect up to two microphones to the terminals on the DJM-V10 and use the level, EQ, and talk over controls to adjust the sound. Find out how to add Beat FX to the microphone sound, too.

How to use the filter section on the DJM-V10

Discover how to use the filter section on the mixer to add texture to your performances. Choose high pass or low pass, then adjust the cut-off frequency and resonance to create the sound you want.

How to use the send section on the DJM-V10

Get to grips with the send section and route audio to the built-in effects, as well as external gear. Send the sound back to the original channel or another one, or mix it into the master output.

How to use the Multi I/O section on the DJM-V10

Find out how you can input the sound from an external FX unit or mobile device to one of the mixer’s channels, or the master output. 

How to use the Beat FX on the DJM-V10

Explore the Beat FX section and screen, and find out how you can spice up your performances by using these effects to transform your sounds.

How to control software and devices with the DJM-V10 via USB/MIDI

See what kind of external units you can connect to the DJM-V10, such as laptops and MIDI sequencers, and find out how to start controlling them via the mixer.

Changing settings on the DJM-V10

Set up the mixer the way you like. Display My Settings, change various preferences, and save everything so you can call it up later. Here, you’ll also find out how to restore default settings. 

Specifications for the DJM-V10 

Look up the specs of the DJM-V10 including detailed information on the mixer’s dimensions, weight, inputs and outputs, and more.

How to troubleshoot and fix problems with the DJM-V10

Having difficulties? Find out how to solve issues with power, distorted or weak sound, effects, MIDI control, and more.

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