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How to use your Pioneer DJ CDJ-350 multi player (Instruction Manual)

What the CDJ-350 can do 

Get to know the multi player and find out about some of its key features including BPM Lock and Beat Display.

What the CDJ-350 can play

Discover the media types supported by the unit, such as USB drives, and the file formats you can play. Set up rekordbox and update driver software and the CDJ-350’s firmware to the latest versions.

How to connect the CDJ-350 to your other equipment

Hook up the DJ player, or a pair of them, to a mixer and find out how to set up relay play. Link the unit and a laptop computer via a USB cable to control DJ software such as rekordbox.

How to DJ with the CDJ-350

Learn how to play tracks, trigger loops, and use the jog wheel to mix. Connect to your computer and you can control selected DJ software such as rekordbox, . 

How to troubleshoot and fix problems with the CDJ-350

Having problems? Understand the meanings of icons and error codes, look up a list of MIDI messages for mapping the player’s controls to DJ software, and find information about the unit’s various specs.


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