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Firmware Update

DDJ-1000 Firmware for Windows

This firmware is a system software program for your  DJ CONTROLLER.
Please update the firmware to the latest version to enhance the product's performance.

Please read Firmware Update Guide to check the firmware version of your  DJ CONTROLLER  and how to update the firmware.


When using DDJ-1000 (firmware ver. 1.04 or older) and rekordbox (ver. 5.2.3 or older),
we identified an issue causing audio to skip or drop out when Beat FX are applied to some channels such as Mic and Master.
Please update the DDJ-1000 firmware to ver. 1.05 or later and rekordbox to ver. 5.3.0 or later.

ver. 1.12 Update

  • Occasionally the waveform on the jog wheels disappeared and the Performance Pads turned purple.
  • Other minor issues have been fixed.


File Size: 1.49 MB (1,572,028 bytes)

The following file will be extracted.
DDJ-1000_v112.exe 1.69MB (1,772,632 bytes)


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