How to use your Pioneer DJ S-DJ50X (Instruction Manual)

Get to know the S-DJ50X 5-inch active reference speaker

Read an overview of the monitor speaker’s key features including its aramid fiber woofer cone, diffuser on the waveguide, and grooves on the bass-reflex duct.

What you can do with the controls and connections on the S-DJ50X

Discover the uses of all the switches and dials on the speaker. Take a look at the various terminals and find out how to connect the S-DJ50X to your DJ gear, studio equipment, or other devices.

How to set up your S-DJ50X

Read important information on safely connecting and disconnecting equipment to/from the speaker. And learn the best way to position and angle speakers to ensure you hear their true sound.

How to troubleshoot and view the specifications of the S-DJ50X

Learn how to solve issues with weak or distorted sound, standby mode, and feedback. Look up specs for the S-DJ50X, including its frequency response, weight, dimensions, and more.


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