How to use your Pioneer DJ BULIT8 (Instruction Manual)

Get to know the BULIT8 8-inch active reference monitor

Read about the key features of the monitor speaker for your studio or DJ setup. Discover the benefits delivered by the diffuser, aramid fiber woofer cone, and grooves on the bass reflex duct.

What you can do with the controls and connections on the BULIT8

Discover the uses of all the switches and dials on the speaker. Take a look at the various terminals for hooking up the speaker to your DJ gear, production equipment, or other devices.

How to set up your BULIT8

Read information on safely connecting and disconnecting equipment to/from the speaker. And learn the best way to position and angle speakers, if you have a pair, to ensure you hear their true sound.

How to troubleshoot and view the specifications of the BULIT8

Learn how to solve issues with weak or distorted sound, standby mode, and feedback. Look up specifications for the BULIT8, including its frequency response, weight, dimensions, and more.


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