How to use the rekordbox application from Pioneer DJ (Instruction Manual)

What the rekordbox software can do

Get to know the application for DJ music management and performances. Read about the key features that you can use to create and export playlists, set cue points in tracks, record your sets, and more.

How to start using rekordbox

Download the rekordbox DJ software and install it on your PC/Mac. Find out how to set up an account, install driver software for DJ products, and configure the audio output setting.

How to use Export or Performance mode in rekordbox

Find out about Export mode, which enables you to export playlists and tracks to a USB device or SD card. Read about Performance mode and find out how to activate your license key if you have one.

The kinds of files and media rekordbox supports

Discover the system requirements for rekordbox and the types of files and media (USB devices/SD cards) you can use with the application. Here, you can update rekordbox to the latest version.


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